How to Write an Essay

At school, essays are written in different versions. While it is often the subject of German lectures in the form of short stories or lectures, other subjects, such as biology, geography or physics, are also required.


How to write instructions for Essay

However, the basic instructions remain the same, so that a student must, in principle, only learn a schema in order to write a formally correct essay.

The first step in writing an essay is to summarize the content and information needed for the essay. It is helpful to list the most important content as keywords in order to get a rough overview.

The next step is to create an outline for the essay and to put the collected keywords into the section to which they belong.

An essay is always divided into three sections, namely the introduction, the main part, and the conclusion.

In the introduction, the reader is introduced to the topic and provided with the most important information. In the case of a short story, the introduction could include, for example, a short presentation of the figures as well as a description of the place of action and the time.

In the context of the introductory text, a section on the subject could explain the topic, the questions to be dealt with and the aspects which are not taken into account. Overall, the introduction is quite short, as a rough guideline that it accounts for about five to ten percent of the entire essay.

The main part is the longest and most comprehensive section and deals with the actual topic. In a short story, the tension should increase even further, until finally, it reaches the climax towards the end.

In the case of a substantive approach, the arguments are discussed here, with the structure being the basis and the order. The key part ends the essay. In the case of a short history, the voltage dissolves, and the key part can also repeat the core statement again. In the case of an article, a brief summary is given, which describes the content discussed and the conclusions were drawn. In addition, there may also be a personal conclusion or an opinion.

The key part is also quite short, the length approximately corresponding to the extent of the introduction.

If you want to write a successful essay, you should not only follow the instructions but also take a few other tips:

It is very helpful if the author repeatedly puts himself into the role of the reader in order to check the effect of his essay. He should keep in mind that the reader reads the essay without prior knowledge.

This means that the content must be described in such a way that the reader can understand and understand it. At the same time, however, not every minute detail should be described, because otherwise, the article becomes too long-winded.

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It is also important to avoid long and complicated band worm sets. These are difficult to read and often have to be read several times in order to understand them at all. The essay should not sound too hackneyed, but in doubt, short sentences are better than too long.

In addition, the author should endeavor to use different words. This means he should not only work with the same words but try to find synonyms to make the essay more interesting, lively and versatile in this way.